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Reference: "Bazaar of the Bizarre: Cup & Chalice"            Owen K.C. Stephens    289(107)    D&D3
There's no file to download. My entry is the text below. Enjoy!

It's a pair of apparently identical cups. When they're empty, there's nothing magical about them, or any distinctive mark.

But when you fill both of these cups with a drinkable liquid, they're starting to discuss with each other. They won't pay attention to what the people around them will say and will keep discussing until both of them are empty.

If only one of them is filled with liquid, it will talk and will call for its mate (e.g. "hey, you! where are you? do you hear me?") until it's emptied... or the other cup is filled ("ah! there you are! did you know that the King of the Northern Kingdom had an accident recently?")

Physically separate them won't change anything. Even if they're on each side of the Universe, even if they're not in the same plane of existence, not space or time can separate their talking power. They'll go on with their dialogue as if they were a few centimetres apart.

What they'll be talking about is up to the GM. It can be the current weather or related to the adventure the players are running. They may foresee events in the near future or tell jokes to each other, they can mock the players outfit, etc.

Please note that the liquid poured inside the cups isn't altered in any way by the strange magic of these cups.

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Nice couple of magical obects ! Thanks ^_^
Cette paire d'objets magiques est amusante et poétique, beau travail, merci !


merci ! thanks a lot!